Early this morning at 2am I noticed my poor little cat Pepsi was was taking larger breaths than normal. I kept an eye on him and rang the vets as I was at that stage where I knew something wasn’t right. At the time I didn’t really know what was going on but realised something was up and knew I had to get him to the vets ASAP. No matter what the cost. I got to the vets and the vet immediately realised and informed me he was struggling to breath. She checked his heart and said she found it hard to listen to because their was fluid in/on his lungs. She advised me they could x-ray him and if the fluid was outside of his lungs the fluid could be drained therefore improve his breathing. However there would be an underlying heart condition that would of been causing this fluid build up. I knew the best thing to do for my little baby would be to have him put to sleep. The money wouldn’t of worried or concerned me. However him spending the rest of his life on medication just for potentially a few more years of his life wouldn’t of been fair on him.

This broke my heart. Earlier this year I lost my mother at the age of 46 so I’m still grieving for my Mum. Pepsi wasn’t just a cat, he wasn’t just a pet. He was a family member. Someone I still loved dearly. I stood with him stroking him till he was purring away like a little purr box while the injection was given to him. He stopped purring and that was it. He was gone. My heart well and truly broken for a second time this year.

Luckily for me I still have 4 other cats to go home too. My big baby Rocky who while he wasn’t the father to Pepsi he loved him and looked after him like a son and you could see that by their relationship they had. His sister Bubbles, cousin Chloe and the odd one out the ginger girl Tigs. Having them here makes the pain a little easier to cope with and while he wasn’t the favourite cat (Yes I know you shouldn’t have favourites!) he will still be missed. He was a very nervous cat so was never one for being fussed or picked up but that was part of his loving nature he got from his mother.


May you Rest in Peace my little baby boy Pepsi.


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