To start of my brand new blog I want to talk to you all about how I’ve had to readjust my life are becoming lactose intolerant.

Something that’s never affected me before. Earlier this year I started to develop problems when having milk such as cereals, tea, hot chocolate etc. To be blunt after having something like a bowl of cereal I’d get really bad stomach cramps then after the rest is history. I won’t go into the detail you won’t want to know but it’s not nice.

Anyhow I never really thought much about it other than a decision to stop drinking milk was made by myself. However I began doing some research which suggested I could be lactose intolerant. Something I began to agree with but the next concern for me was actually having milk that’s free in lactose. So again after more research I found that Arla Lactofree Milk taste just like normal milk but without the lactose.

So I did a test on myself. I had a large bowl of cereal with lots of milk. Lactose free milk! I knew there could be a risk that this could of gone wrong for me however it turned out to be a great decision.

I had the cereal with the lactose free milk and had no issues what so ever. Next up a cuppa tea. No issues either. So I spoke to my GP who agreed that it was likely that I was now suffering from being lactose intolerant. Annoying because something like Dairy Milk chocolate doesn’t seem to affect me but then I guess as it’s not in a fluid form it seems my body can cope.

Anyhow now I can live life a bit more easier knowing I can still drink and eat milk products. Arla Lactofree seem to offer a great choice of lactose free products from Milk, Yogurts, Cheese etc. The only down fall is my regular shopping is at ASDA and they only offer lactose free milk! Tesco seem to have a bigger range and they actually have a really nice yogurt with granola but the yogurt is very bland so having to come up with my own alternative haha.

Anyhow one good question. Has anyone had any experience with Soya Milk? How do you find the taste? Is it something worth trying for someone who is lactose intolerant.

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